Tips for Getting Into the Mind of a Thief

Tips for Getting Into the Mind of a Thief

Managers are in charge of expensive and valuable assets, regardless if these assets are tools, equipment, vehicles such as trailers, trucks or cars. If you’re a manager, do you know how to keep expensive assets safe? What you want to do is know the enemy, which will be a would-be thief in this case.

By knowing the enemy, you can take proactive steps to protect equipment and vehicle theft while your workers are on the road. Getting into the right frame of mind means looking at things from a different point of view besides a manager’s point of view. This means you will want to find out what vulnerabilities are potentially present in your security because this allows you to take action before thieves take advantage of those weaknesses.

So, how do you get into the mind of a thief? Don’t worry about figuring this out because we’ve done the work for you. Continue to read on to learn more.

1. They Like Window Shopping

Thieves like to do a bit of window shopping, which means they scope out potential opportunities. They look for things such as valuables being left out in the open. This especially goes for tools, laptops and other types of electronics.

You have to hide equipment and tools. Assign homes to equipment, tools and other types of valuables. By doing this, you’ll reduce the chances of those items being stolen.

2. They Usually Want to Make a Quick Buck

Generally speaking, thieves want to make fast money. Construction equipment such as trailers and trucks often contain items of value. This means they can sell them quickly.

Find out what your assets are going for and which ones are more commonly stolen and then figure out what kind of measures to take to protect those belongings. Many construction equipment don’t have serial numbers, which makes it difficult for buyers to know whether or not the equipment was stolen. What you want to do is brand or label equipment, regardless if it has a serial number or not.

“The key is to identify equipment, which is why labelling and branding is a good idea. Thieves will notice such labels, and they might think twice before attempting to steal it,” says operations manager at Flux Pumps. This is because they’ll have a difficult time selling it.

3. They Don’t Take Risks

Another thing thieves don’t like doing is taking risks. They don’t want to risk getting caught and arrested, so if something looks like it’s locked down, they probably won’t attempt to steal it. The same goes if they notice an alarm or security systems in the area. All of these things means putting more effort into taking it.

4. They Don’t Like Getting Caught in the Act

Sure, this might seem obvious, but it can help you out big time. As a manager, you want to make items as difficult to take as you possibly can, and you want to do what you can to make sure thieves will get caught. You can catalogue all of your equipment and make sure you take inventory of every single item, but you’ll also want to implement some sort of course of action in the event those items still go missing.

You can dot them via GPS tracking technology. This will track your items, which means thieves will likely get caught if they steal items that have a GPS tracker on it. Remember, report the incident to cops instead of trying to track down the thief on your own because this could lead to a violent confrontation or an unsafe confrontation.

The last thing you want to do is sit and wait for items to be taken. Instead, you want to take preventative measures, which means doing the above things. The more measures and action you take beforehand, the more of a chance you have of safeguarding your assets from theft. With that said, make sure you start taking action today because you don’t want thieves to exploit any weakness in your business.

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