Simple Steps To Ensure Safety Of The Traveler

Simple Steps To Ensure Safety Of The Traveler

What is being stressed here is the role of simple common sense when it comes to making choices of websites and applications.  Sometimes the very impersonal nature of the software deludes to thinking that it ensures a minimum level of safety in use as well as standards of operation.  But it must always be kept in mind that behind the most successful of apps there are the people who either build them or at best involve themselves in their upkeep.  These folks can be deceived and manipulated as has been my experience with AirBnB and detailed below.

The unfortunate incident at Cannes

A group of us, three in number, paid a brief tourist visit to Cannes and as is the practice these days when it comes to using affordable accommodation, chose a host on AirBnB, Steeve Monterin.  The terms were agreed to and an accommodation reserved for the use of the group at Cannes.

As laid out in the iterinary, we did reach the location and promptly checked into the said apartment. Most part of the following days were spent moving around the place and taking in the sights and sounds.  But on return to the accommodation on a certain day, it was noticed that some of our possessions were missing from the rooms.  It could easily be valued at over a 1000 pounds in value.

We tried to do a good search of the accommodation and with the same results; the items were indeed missing.  It was then that we called up Steeve Monterin and made our predicament known to him.  He claimed ignorance of the whole saga and proceeded to try and convince us of his helplessness in the matter.  But strangely was not too keen on calling in the law enforcement authorities and further suggested that the review facility of the platform AirBnB be made use to record our displeasure.

What happened further?

I did take the trouble to recording our experience on the AirBnB site and then there was a communication from the administrators that our post was at variance to the policy of the website and it was being taken down.  On further pressing the matters it seems Steeve Monterin has made some very negative remarks of our stay at his apartment and bolstered his view with some doctored pictures of the accommodation that we had made use.

At this point, I took it onto myself to do a bit more research of the individual Steeve and then it became evident that there had been previous instances of incidents involving the individual.  The standard operating procedure seems to be the use of doctored images all the time.  AirBnB refuses to acknowledge further escalation of the issue and refuses any contact with us.

Simple Steps To Ensure Safety Of The Traveler

This is being presented to the general public to make sure more people are not mistreated by Steeve Monterin and indeed AirBnB who refused to see reason.  The best way to prevent more such instances and ensure better safety to the traveler is to make sure more people get to hear of this nasty incident.

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