Quad-Lock - Customized Subwoofer Unit Building And Construction

Quad-Lock – Customized Subwoofer Unit Building And Construction

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Quad-Lock - Customized Subwoofer Unit Building And Construction

An excellent quality Super Room can go undetected so take the following 60 seconds to enlighten on your own on one of the essential components of your auto stereo system. If you have had any kind of experience building an enclosure for a sub-bass application you know one of the most vulnerable locations are the joints. If done poorly, the joint can develop undesirable audios and air leaks. And it is these air leaks that bring about blown woofers.

That is why OBCON wants to introduce you to our Quad Lock Joint Re-enforcement manufacturing procedure. This procedure steps up OBCON to the “Super Room” standing. Let’s talk a minute regarding how the Quad Lock joints are done. Initially, at OBCON a fully automated electronic saw cuts each item with accurate information. From there a separate digital router cuts 5mm grooves right into the leading and bottom pieces. The grooves offer included bracing ahead and lower getting rid of any kind of motion high degrees of vibration induce. This is step one in our Quad Lock phase of building. From there it is off to assemble the cut items. It is throughout the assembly process we use one of one of the most effective timber glues on the market. When this adhesive dries out the integrity of the joint is so solid you might run over this box with a truck and the joint will be the last to give way. That’s solid!!

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