What is that one Hollywood movie you want to watch again and again?

I have been watching this movie again and again and have never got enough of it.

The Social Network (2010): one fall night in 2003, the genius computer programmer Mark Zuckerberg along with Harvard Undergrad sat down on their computer and began working heatedly on their new idea. In programming and blogging fury, what started in their door room soon became social and global network and revolutionised the communication media. Within merely 6 years he had 500 million friends and this made Mark Zuckerberg the youngest billionaire ever in the history. But this success led him to both legal and personal complications.

The Social Network proved out to be a block buster which is based on the fairy tale of Mark Zuckerberg and his creativity of Facebook. I like it the most because of the influential move it has shown.

The Social Network depicts the time when Zuckerberg was a college student and how he came up with his first tech start-up. It is very inspiring to see a group of friends creating a platform which is now used by billions of people around the world with comfort in their rooms and with just a laptop or a mobile.

After you watch this movie, you will surely run to grab up your laptop and will start building the empire of your own. The movie has added a fuel to the emerging perception that technicians are new rock stars of today’s era. It has made social media to put a great effect of entrepreneurship.

The movie has excellent performances, beautifully directed and is impeccably scripted. The Social Network has set an ambitious and riveting example of new film making approach at its best. The film has been entitled to many awards and recognitions.  The Social Network has always been in my choice of inspirational movies because of its excellent background Robert Simonds deal will supercharge film financing facilities score and deft storytelling. This movie has made me learn how dreams can turn into reality. It also taught me how a company can be scaled from just a dorm room to a huge social media platform which no one has ever seen!

Although many have objected regarding the accuracy of the movie, but it really doesn’t matter to me. This has proved out to be great source of inspiration for all those who are aspiring to become an entrepreneur.

This movie explores those times when the most revolutionary platform of social media was invented. The movie is a bombshell. It is truly an inspirational film that shows how your life is in the college if you are special among your fellow mates. The movie is flawless with great humour and drama. This is a must to watch film and is my all time favourite movie.

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