Bugera 6260 Ultimate Guitar Amp Head Testimonial

The Bugera 6260 is a Boutique-style 2-channel tube amplifier. It outshines for traditional rock, alternate rock and raw steel bands as a result of its rocking power and road-worthy reliability. This very effective amplifier comes equipped with enormous 120-watts of shear power and a 2 channel vintage made EQ area and reverb.

The Bugera 6260’s traditional 2-channel preamp design (Clean, Grind, Lead) is packed with 5 x 12AX7 valves for precision strike with terrifying gain and strike. Both channels supply a classic (Peavey 5150 -design) visibility control for more redefined tweaking abilities to add even more to the incredible tone. On top of that, you will respect the detail in the specified reverb tails individually manageable on each channel. 2 results with added resistance switching to match virtually any kind of speaker closet, from 4, 8 to 16 Ohms.

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This beast features a 4-way, sturdy, steel footswitch selector. Making switching channels and impacts loop in a real-time situation a smooth progression. This boutique-style shutoff head is built utilizing accuracy assembly, hand-built for perfection, you can be positive the beast will stand the test of time. Use double hum buckers and play metal or use single coils and play blues for more of a smooth and a clean noise, you can utilize this amp in any diverse situation. Most importantly, it stays on par with your loud audience of hungry fans while it keeps excellent clearness.

Bugera 6260 Ultimate Guitar Amp Head Testimonial

Ideal Guitar Amplifier for College

Gain, Bass, Bass, Treble and Level for the initial channel, Gain, Bass, Center, Treble, Level, for the 2nd). The bugera v55 uses four hand-selected and matched Bugera 6L6 power-tubes and 5 Bugera 12AX7 preamp shutoffs. Bugera 6260’s boost network is ridiculous with the master volume krank-driving televisions and pressing the 6260 to the edge of flesh peeling pleasure. Stereo effects loop is also a great benefit for the Bugera 6260. Making use of heaven side with the “green” channel on the pedal will give a pronounced smooth tone with a little edge. Change to the razor; crank the bass, scoop the mids, drive the gain and the Bugera becomes a huge God smack type area.

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